VIMEGA, originated from Canada,

developed and produced under the rigorous standards. ​

Redesigned Advanced Formula, Redefined Anti-aging Supplement

VIMEGA NMN 15000 TIME CAPSULE – 60 Capsules

VIMEGA NMN 15000 Time Capsule is our flagship product that offers unparalleled anti-aging effectiveness. A 15000 monthly β-NMN dosage recharges our body and elevates NMN’s effect into a new level. We chose precious supplemental ingredients for Time Capsule to further strengthen the formula.

VIMEGA NMN 12000 Anti - Glycation Enhanced

We unreservedly put the best formula and ingredients into VIMEGA NMN 12000 Anti-Glycation Enhanced. 100% β-NMN with enhanced anti-glycation formula activates 3 anti-aging pathways while prevents cell glycation to the optimal level. Ideal NMN dosage of 12000mg/mo gives indivisual who pursuit the strongest anti-aging effectivesness.

VIMEGA NMN 9600 Advanced Formula

Ultimate daily NMN supplement for everyone! With a great montly dosage of 9600mg/mo, the advanced formula also has the best of VIMEGA including activating 3 anti-aging pathways, 4th generation production technology, 99.92 super high purity and exlusive long-lasting effectiveness formula.

About Us

We used to think aging is an inevitable, unstoppable natural consequence of growing older. But as we discover more secrets about the human body, we are learning how to delay biological aging and prevent disease. Looking at aging differently will give us far greater ability to tackle it. NMN is our solution to decode the secret of aging. With the help of NMN, our NAD+ level will be elevated. NAD+ is a critical coenzyme that determines our cell health and vitality. Therefore, we will be able to reverse the time from within and achieve healthy aging.

Developed and Produced Under the Rigorous Standards

VIMEGA contains 100% β-NMN. NMN is divided into α-NMN and β-NMN, but only β-NMN is biologically active and will exercise the anti-aging effect.

With our 4th generation production, we are able to increase the β-NMN purity up to 99.92%.

Exclusive activator and blocker eliminates excessive biochemistry reaction material and guarantee the flow of biochemical pathways.

VIMEGA formula is supported by our in-house AI. It has collected and analysed the data, and it found that by adding supporting ingredients to activate 2 additional anti-aging pathways, that it will maximize the effectiveness.
It has been ten year since we moved to Canada with our children after retiring. The biggest impact on us here is how people treasure nature, health and quality of life. Because of VIMEGA NMN, retirement life does not mean boring and repetitive for us. Instead, it is a new start of life that we put ourselves on the first place. Keep open-minded and healthy, no matter where we are, we can live a colorful and energetic retirement life.
Mr. and Mrs. Fang, 84 and 86
I play many roles in my life. A father, a husband, an entrepreneur, and a mentor. I see keeping myself in my best as the most important thing allowing me to switch between different roles. That’s why I chose VIMEGA NMN. With the help of VIMEGA NMN, I am working and exercising like I’m still in my 20s. Rejuvenated, concentrated, and energized. 40s is a new start and I am so ready to explore more possibilities of myself.
Chris, Entrepreneur, 41
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